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A Spell for World Peace and a Pure World Environment

From Spells: Spellcraft to Bring Magic to Your Life and Reality to Your Desires

By Matthew Green

The magickal concept of the world as a mirror of the self is a very ancient one and within this concept lies the value of individual action towards peace and love within the world as a whole. For the world to reflect the kinds of values so many of us hold we must be willing to express love for all the lifeforms with which we share this planet.

The following spell is a method of tapping into the stream of universal peace energy and making your own little piece of the world brighter by nullifying negative energy.

You will need the following items:

A white candle (peace)

A white feather (peace)

A green leaf (environment)

A blue bead or marble (the world)

A small jar of spring water sweetened with sugar

Light the candle, extinguish any artificial illumination and arrange all items before you. Sit for a moment and still the mind. Focus on the candle flame and recall the images that represent war; see in your mind's eye the steady destruction of the natural world. Close your eyes and breathe deeply to rid yourself of these images.

See how a chain of fearful acts can quickly degenerate into violence. Refuse to participate in this cycle of anger and fear as it may stop with you if you are willing to earth the energy by breathing it out.

Hold the marble or bead in your hand and feel the fragility of the earth in the hands of humanity, feel the destructive potential of greed and fear. Blow a cool stream of breath upon the bead or marble. Take up the white feather and dip it into the water. Using the feather as a paintbrush bathe the marble or bead; take up the leaf and do the same. Place the bead or marble into the jar of water and visualize the world spinning slowly in a bank of billowing clouds. Place the jar in a cool quiet part of the home where it will not be disturbed. Put the feather beneath your bed and allow the candle to burn out by itself.

Here the spell ends but the true work begins. In your daily life practice the art of releasing and ending a cycle of fear and malice and also do your own small part toward the end of environmental destruction.



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