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Scarlet - The Goddess of Procrastination

By Kendra
(Written for Ecclasia)


I know she exists… how, you may ask? Because it must be so! She has affected my life too often for her not to exist. Her name is probably Scarlet, like in the movie Gone With the Wind, and her motto “I’ll think about that tomorrow” or “I’ll get to it in a minute.” I do believe I’m one of her many Priestesses, because she speaks through me often! I hear her holy words popping into my brain often… in fact I’m sure I’ve channeled her many times over again!

Most of her followers have no motivation to finish or even start a web page or a book about her. Thus making researching this most powerful goddess very difficult. I can imagine however that her many followers have planned to create many wonderful things about her. But they couldn’t exactly be her people if they finished, right?

Her correspondences are as follows (according to my own research and channeling of her aspect.)
Element: Air, for the unpredictability of when she appears and disappears.
Color: Undecided… she tends to like that which doesn’t give motivation… I think that is usually “clear.” But sometimes white or black. I think she’ll tell me later.
Planet: Mercury retrograde; for nothing messes up life more than procrastination or mercury retrograde.
Tarot Card: the Tower, again upheaval is generally the result of procrastination.

The Goddess of Procrastination is neither emotional nor logical. Though she affects both emotions and logic greatly. The true worshipper of the Goddess of Procrastination can come up with some of the best logic for using procrastination. However, sometimes it is purely an emotional reaction and tears are often a very good way of distracting critics of Procrastination.

She is married to the God of Impatience, which is really a poor match indeed. But because she is partially a Goddess of passion, she can usually keep him from getting too mad at her procrastination. Yes, she is also a Goddess of Passion. But not often. Passion is her defense mode when she has been caught procrastinating. She must have immediate call on her emotions and can either cry or seduce her way out of trouble. Another sure sign of her followers.

My research and study of this goddess is not done… nor may it ever be… since I am one of her priestesses, finishing this report may be more difficult than I earlier imagined.


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