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Loki: the Trickster
By Noctumchild
(Written for Ecclasia)

Loki, Bad Boy God of Fire by Thalia Took

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself; I am the Norse God Loki. I have been described as one of the world's major Trickster Gods, a title I am proud to claim. I am usually quite the rascal, charming when need be, crafty, sneaky, silly, with a wonderfully sardonic sense of humor always aimed at others, and at other times, I can be even downright malicious. I am known for using my quick wit to find my way out of a jam. I can even shapeshift at will. But over time I have become increasingly nasty in my reputation. Perhaps, if I tell my story, my greatness will once again be appreciated and my current horrid situation will be better understood.

I will begin my story at the building of Asgard, which is the place that all the major Nordic gods live, sort of like Nordic god "Head Quarters," so to speak. Anyway as typical, the other gods spent all the money and didn't have enough to finish the protective wall. So while they all stood around looking totally lost, I came up with this awesome plan. I would ask this Giant to build it for us and just to keep him on schedule, I offered the Goddess Freya to him if he could get it done on time. I never expected him to show up with this huge stallion, which could haul boulders like there was no tomorrow! Man did he work hard! He was almost done and with only three days to go, Freya was a mess and the other gods were coming unglued. So I came up with a plan quick. I changed myself into the most beautiful mare and went and seduced the Giant's stallion. We romped and chased each other off into the forest and the poor Giant couldn't get the job done on time. It put him into such a rage! He made the mistake of trying to take Freya by force, which brought Thor's mighty hammer down splitting his skull in two. Well, I became pregnant by this stallion and gave birth to a fine stallion with eight legs. I made a gift of this horse to Odin and he named him Sleipnir.

Let me tell you a little about the women I have had in my life and the children I have fathered. Of my first wife, little if anything is known publically, and I would prefer to leave it that way. Let me only say it was an extremely heated relationship as her name is Glut meaning "Glowing," and our daughters are Einmyria and Elisa which mean "Ashes and Embers." Enough said about that one, ouch! My next relationship was with Angrboda, who was a giantess. We had three children, Hel the Goddess of Death, Fenrir the Wolf, and Jormungand (the Midgard Serpent). With my last wife, Sigyn, I had a son Narvi and a child Vali.

Now let me try to explain how I ended up in the tormented state I am in currently. I was living with my last wife, Sigyn, at that time. Hel had grown and become the ruler of Niflheim, which is the land of the mists, surrounded by high walls and strong gates, a land which no one may ever leave without her permission. Fenrir had become such a monstrous wolf, so immense and ferocious that only the god Tyr was brave enough to feed him. Until one day he found it necessary to bind him. Jormungand encircled the world with its tail in its mouth.

It was one night that I decided to go out and and see who was around that I found him. Balder. He is one of those God of Peace, Joy and Love guys. So I just went on over to this banquet and happen to find him and his blind twin brother Hoder, the God of Darkness and Winter sitting there. Hoder was holding this sprig of Mistletoe. Now nothing on earth was supposed to hurt precious Balder, he was supposed to be indestructible and impervious to injury, rumor had it. I had taken Hoder's Mistletoe and sharpened it into a dart and asked him if he would like to play a round. Now I couldn't help it if Mr.-Blind-as-a-Bat hit his precious brother in the head with the Mistletoe dart could I? And sure enough if the dart between the eyes didn't bring down Balder! I tell you! What chaos broke out then! I was grabbed and put into custody.

The next thing I knew Sigyn was there with Narvi. The gods pronounced punishment upon me. I was to be tied down to three flat stones using Narvi's entrails for rope and snake poison would be forever dripped upon my head. Narvi was slain in front of his mother and me, and I was bound tightly to these stones and the snake was positioned above my head with its fangs dripping poison down upon my face. Sigyn went to get a bowl to catch the poison to keep its sting from my eyes.

So this is my current state of torment. I suffer the poison's burn whenever the bowl is full and Sigyn has to leave to empty it, but the pain causes me to writhe in such torment as soon as she leaves that earthquakes fill the land and she quickly returns. My only saving grace is thoughts of Ragnarok or the "Destruction of the Powerful Ones," as foretold many eons ago. It will be the time when the forces of evil will gather and make war on the gods. It will be the end of the world and the time when Fenrir's bonds will be let loose. Jormungand will emerge from the depths of the sea and land causing awful devastation with every twist of his serpent body. The dead will rise up out of Niflheim, and I will be their captain as my bonds will break loose as well. I refuse to believe any predictions that I will not survive, for I am Loki after all.


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