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By Wytchazel
(Written for Ecclasia)


In the Garden of Eden, Lith was the first wife of Adam, made at the same time that Big Daddy made the animals. Adam was quite controlling, treating Lilith like chattel, nothing more than a possession. Now, Lilith was quite independent and strong minded, which didn't sit well with Adam or Big Daddy. She didn't like the way Adam treated her -- he didn't listen to her, talked down to her, and expected her to repopulate the whole World. He complained that she wore too much make-up and her fig leaf was too short. And sex, well, he didn't want to hear her "needs" in that department. The missionary position was fine for him, and what was this "foreplay" crap? He was the original "minute man" if you know what I mean, and he felt he had to be, if he was going to father all those babies. Lilith finally said "Later, Bro" and took off for a cave on the shores of the Red Sea. There she teased up her hair, put on some ruby red lipstick, and went to town, boinking every demon she could find, spawning scores of demon babies.

In the meantime, Adam had time to think about the error of his controlling ways, and asked Big Daddy to bring back "his woman." Big Daddy sent three of his best angels (enforcers, really) to "convince" Lilith to return to the Garden. They told her that if she refused to come back, they would slay one hundred demon babies a day until she returned. Lilith replied that she would rather burn herself with lit cigarettes than return to Adam the Creep, and that if they were going to play rough, two could play at that game. She would kill the children of Adam and his new little "Mrs." She would attack babies, and even their mothers, during childbirth. All newborns were in danger of her anger -- baby girls for twenty days after birth, and baby boys for eight days. She also threatened to attack men in their sleep, stealing their semen and physical vitality to make more demon babies. She wasn't all mean-spirited though -- whenever she saw the names of those three Enforcer-Angels who had come to her, that place would be safe from her wrath.

Known as the Mother of Demons, the Queen of the Night, and the First Wife of Adam, Lilith was considered to be a demoness. She was blamed for miscarriages and death during childbirth and also for crib death. And since sex for pleasure was strictly taboo, sexual frustrations ran quite high, and to be honest, who better than Lilith to blame for those erotic dreams?

In psychological terms, Lilith is our shadow-self, our subconscious. She is the part of us that is most animal-like: defiant, uncivilized, passionate, free from constraints. Her bad boy demon babies are our neuroses and harmful criminal behaviours. They are the imbalances that can lead to our destruction.

Lilith stands for independence, sexuality, intelligence, and a refusal to be enslaved, our "natural" selves.


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Lady Lilith by Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1864 - 1873)

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