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Honoring the Self

By S. Anderson
(Written for Ecclasia)

Supplies Needed:

Five Candles -- use tapers or for serious issues use the 7-day glass candles from the grocery store.


Anointing Oils

Rosemary Oil
Carnation Oil
Jasmine Oil
Ginger Oil
Frankincense Oil

This can be done in a circle if that is what feels best to you or done in an attitude of quiet, peace and openness.

As you anoint your candles with the appropriate oil, be conscious of what you wish to accomplish and know that by honoring your *self* you are honoring the universe as well.

Anoint the yellow candle with Rosemary Oil to stimulate the conscious mind.
Anoint the green candle with Carnation Oil to stimulate physical energy and health.
Anoint the blue candle with Jasmine Oil for peaceful emotions.
Anoint the red candle with Ginger Oil to stimulate openness, awareness and passion for life.
Anoint the white candle with Frankincense Oil to honor your Spirit and the Spirit that created you.

As you light each candle in turn, repeat the following words.

Yellow Candle:
I honor my mind,
The center of intelligence and clarity.
I refrain from cluttering it with unproductive, disheartening thoughts.
Knowing that what I think about I bring about, I focus on the positive.
I am aware and mindful.

Red Candle:
I honor my *self.*
The seat of my soul.
I have a zest for life and am open to new ways of thinking, being, and growing.
Each new day is a gift from the Universe and I live each one to the fullest.
I am grateful and appreciative.

Blue Candle:
I honor my emotions,
The center of empathy and compassion.
I am filled with peace, love and joy.
I accept that all things happen for good and are being handled by a power greater than myself.
I am calm and trusting.

Green Candle:
I honor my body,
The vehicle of my earthly life.
I eat the proper foods, get enough rest and exercise and enjoy the gifts of my senses.
I meditate and keep my stress level low.
I am strong, healthy and beautiful.

White Candle:
I honor my spirit,
The part of me connected to the creator.
As I open myself to Spirit, Spirit fills me with more than I could ever imagine.
I am enfolded and protected, cherished and necessary. I matter.
I am loved. I am safe.

After lighting the candles, sit quietly for as long as you desire. When it is time to continue on with the day, blow out the candles and move ahead, being mindful of how you treat yourself. Should you find yourself engaging in negative thoughts or emotions; or eating too much sugar or fat, just remind yourself of how important you are and move out of that behavior with no guilt. Be aware that a lifetime of bad habits aren't going to disappear in a day.

Each day, until the candles are gone, light them for at least a little while, being mindful of what it is you are trying to accomplish. If the candles have burned down and you don't feel finished, then do it again!


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This page last updated September 26, 2006