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The God Within

By Lugh Shaldoan
(Written for Ecclasia)


I would like to start at a point most commonly unexpected. My God report is not on any God that anyone has ever heard of. This I say because it is on my God. Each and every one of us has their own visualization of a God, and I believe it important to speak of the one I pay most homage to. My God is unique in many respects, and I do not apologize for any resemblances He has to any other God. I think that every myth, representation, and otherwise has had an impact on what I see as God, so therefore do not see a use in apologizing anyways. I would like to point out that my Godform is a representation of my own uses for one and might not be easily accepted by everyone.

I think that almost all times, the God is represented as the warrior who goes and gets food and provides for the family. Times and society change. This used to be a hard, wearing, tedious, and dangerous thing. In times long ago, I don’t think women minded staying at the village and bringing up the next generation of youngsters, rather than go out and have to spend all day walking around looking for food. The mans job was something the tribe depended a great deal on, and wasn’t something of choice. But nowadays, men have become lazy, whiney, insensitive, and worst of all cocksure. The economical implications are the strongest. Patriarchy moved in when we changed from a producing society to a consuming society. As long as you made money enough to feed the wife and kids, she was expected to stay at home and take care of the kids. So now women have lost the limelight and men are more important. The balance has been tipped, no longer equal. Now because of this, men have lost everything that I would see in a true man. My God wishes to salvage what dignity men have left, and set all that foolish manly pride to use.

A new form of God has to be created in order to accommodate the times. We men no longer have to hunt in the wild. We don’t have to seem important by bringing home the cash. What men need to do is work on themselves and find what would most be helpful to society. That would be to restore the balance and bring their most obviously lovely counterpart back to a level of importance. Women are doing well enough on their own regaining space, but cannot truly succeed without men. Just as men would not survive without women. And men haven’t realized it yet, but in order to help anything, they have to stop worrying about seeming ‘girly’ or ‘gay’. My God is a guy who is sensitive, a master of his emotions. Compassionate as well as empathetic. He is the very face of confidence. Very willing to give or take. Sacrificial but not martyrous. He is all the good attributes of a deity. Very generous and kindly. Susceptible to crying when he is hurt, or when emotions overwhelm him, and not ashamed of it. Also doesn’t play on another’s emotions or take advantage of mind-games. He uses his head as well as his heart.

Testosterone is something that has risen to become a great God/Man attribute. I think it’s awesome, but not something my God uses as an excuse. The old ‘because I’m a guy’ syndrome. He learns many skills that may help him when the need arises. He is open to learning and exploring new things in that respect, and not just easy rejection. He does not pass judgment, butt does partake of a certain kind of ‘neutral’ discrimination. He veers away from those that might cause him or others harm. Protection is important to him. To protect those he loves and cares about. I could go on for days about all the things about my God. But just not all the really fine details. To put it all simply, my God is someone I can compare myself with so that I might make all adjustments to fit the best I can, and help those in need. To contribute to the world as much as possible.

I think this Godform the best myself. I think it is one that I can relate to verily, and do not feel that he is anything detached of myself. He sets strong guidelines for me to focus on, and is not unforgiving of my mistakes. This is not the norm, but I don’t care. People should find something that they best relate to in Deity, and truly fill the hole in their hearts. And when we all find deity within we all can find happiness.

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