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Flidais: Mistress of Stags
By Rain
(Written for Ecclasia)

The Irish Celtic Goddess Flidais, like the Greek Goddess Artemis, is a goddess of the forests, woodlands, hunting and wild things; ruler of wild beasts. Flidais is not only the huntress of wild animals, she is also their protector. She is known as mistress of stags; she has a chariot drawn by otherworldly deer. It is also said that Flidais is a shape-shifter, a powerful sexual figure, a healer of the sick, a provider, and a caretaker; She is Foltchaoin, the soft-haired.

Flidais had bountiful cattle herds, with which she provided food for the hungry. She also possessed a magical hornless cow, Maol, the hornless, that could feed up to 300 people a day, with her milk.

Flidais is variously referenced as having multiple husbands, and as casting seductive eyes on a man who was not her husband. In one story, she is Flidais the Queen of one of the tribes of the god-folk (the Tuatha de Danaan), wife of Adammair, the son of Fer Cuirp. She is said to be the mother of Nia Segamain, Adammair's son.

Another story states that Flidais is the wife of Ailill Finn (the fair-haired). But she loved Fergus, son of Rog, because of the glorious tales about him. Ailill and Fergus battle and Ailill is slain.Flidais then goes with Fergus, and they are married. It is also said that Flidais was one of two people capable of satisfying Fergus sexually by herself. Normally this was a task for seven normal women.

She had many, many daughters, who were often powerful warriors and sorceresses: BeChuille, Dianann, Iaran, Caevog, BeTeite, and Fand, just to name a few. Fand was the wife of Manannan MacLir. BeChuille and Dianann aided the Tuatha de Danaan against the Fomorians, in the second Battle of Mag Tuired, by using their sorcery to create illusions.

There is not a lot of information on Flidais. Her stories can be found in the Heroic Romances of Ireland, The Driving of the Cattle of Flidais. I chose the Celtic Goddess Flidais, not only for the fact that she isn't "well" known, but mainly for her nature and animal loving aspects. I found many aspects of Flidais to be like that of my own. Mother, provider, healer, caretaker, sexual being, protector and lover of nature and animals, both wild and tamed.

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