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In the Beginning

By Noctum Child
(Written for Ecclasia)

Once upon a time long, long ago there was a grand wedding about to take place in the palace of the Great Horned King. His eldest son had finally found a bride! She was the middle daughter of the Fair Lady of the Moon. She was a gorgeous young goddess, fair of face with flowing long hair. She moved about with an easy natural gracefullness that was a wonder to behold. She was both exceedingly kind and loving, with a voice that spoke softly almost like a whisper. In fact, she appeared so beautiful that day that even the Great Horned King began to weep a tear or two as she entered his palace. The ceremony was performed and the two young lovers were formally made one. As all young newlywed do, this couple soon set out to begin their new lives together. For a wedding gift, the bride's mother had given them a moonbeam to ride on to their new destiny and new moon to pull them there. From their own land they brought along fairies, gnomes, unicorns, pixies and all other types of mythological creatures for company.

So off they traveled across the galaxy lying in the comfort of one another's arms, traveling on towards their new home. Millions and millions of miles they went on being pulled ever further forward by their new moon. They traveled past so many other galaxies and stars and moons and suns. Past other life forms and planets and Gods and Goddesses, but still their moonbeam traveled on. Until eventually it finally came to stop going forward and began to orbit a newly formed dark planet. The young God looked over the side of the moonbeam and woke the Goddess to look down upon their new home as well. The two lovers were so excited to finally see their new home and so full of passion and love for each other that they rose up into the sky and kissed each other and a million sparks flew from their lips and showered the night sky. The God and Goddess smiled and left the sparks across the night sky for our stars.

They then lay back down in the moonbeam and the God heard the Goddess crying with great tears falling to the earth below. "Why are you crying, my love?" he asked her.

"I cry because you and I have created beauty together in the stars and I wish I could share this with my mother," she replied.

The young God thought on this awhile and said "Your great tears are causing large salty oceans on our planet, my love. Since they were shed over missing your mother, let us make the moon control the tides of this ocean in honor of your mother. Your mother gave us this moon and from now on your tears and your mother's moon will depend on each other." This made the Goddess smile. So the tides were set forth guided by the moon's energy.

The God looked upon his Goddess' smile and a great burning love rose within him. It was an all consuming burning hot fire. It rose up from deep inside his spirit. This intense feeling of searing heat leaped up and out of the young God and rose high into the sky and formed into a massive fireball of energy that could not be contained. It was so bright and hot and burning that the God had to move it a safe distance away from the planet and put it on the opposite side from the moon so it would not overshadow it. They decided to allow this ball of fiery love to rule half of the day and the cool moon to rule the other half of it, and since it had come from deep inside the God they called it "Sun" as he was the son of the Great Horned King.

So as the God and Goddess looked about their planet, they decided that they wanted to add some beauty to it. "I suggest we take the designs from our royal robes and give them life," said the Goddess. So the God and Goddess took out all of their royal robes and worked side by side with the mythological creatures that they had brought with them and began to add beauty to their world. They added the plants, flowers, trees, and grasses. They breathed the breath of life into forests and kelp and cactus. They kept adding and arranging things until the entire world was covered with every leafy and rooted thing that grows upon it even still. All the various ecosystems were established with such tender loving care, each with such detail, all divinely inspired by the royal robes of the Gods. Thus man cannot duplicate nature even today.

The God and Goddess were very happy with beauty in the world they had created. They walked about their planet daily, and as they did so, their trailing spirits caused great air currents to begin to blow about the face of the earth. These air currents set in motion the process of evaporation from the great salty oceans that lead to the formation of clouds and rainstorms. These storms then watered the newly planted landscapes keeping them bountiful and allowing reproduction to begin. The God and Goddess taught each plant how to reproduce through the use of bulbs, stems, pollen, and seeds. The storms also added fresh water to the planet in the form of lakes, rivers, ponds and streams.

Although overwhelming beauty constantly surrounded her, the Goddess slowly began to feel a stirring within her to create moving creatures. "This planet is truly wonderful," she told the God one day, "but I feel the need to make life that can move about freely."

The God thought long and hard about this, but was very cautious. "Free moving things cannot be controlled well" he said to his Goddess.

"I know, but watching this earth is like looking at a living robe; its beautiful, but it does nothing exciting. I want to watch something with movement and action." So the God agreed to create animal life with his Goddess because he loved her so much.

They began by creating simple life forms at first. Such as basic clams, insects, and fish. As their experience grew they began to clothe their life forms with more and more complex designs. They added internal structures such as bone, muscle, and tendons. They moved on through feathers, scales, fur and various types of teeth and eyes. They fit each animal with special talents and abilities depending on where that animal would be living and what it would be eating. Each and every animal was brought forth with the overall good of the entire planet in mind. The basic plan for each animal was the same. All of them needed to have some sort of digestion, vision, hearing, nerves, heart, and a brain. But oh how varied they did make each and every species! They kept on creating until the entire planet was filled with moving life. All of the land, the fresh water, the salt water, and the air were now a moving mass of life. The God and Goddess looked upon their planet with wonder and amazement.

This joy and delight lasted for many years until one day the Goddess felt a strange stirring within her again to create life. "My love, I have a very strange stirring inside." she said one day to the God as he lay on a mountain next to her.

"What is it, my dear?" he asked.

"I feel the need to create life that is perhaps part animal and part spirit. I wish for spirit children on our planet to share with" she said.

The God looked upon her with surprise for he too had been longing for children to share the planet with. "My love, you have indeed read my very thoughts! I too have been longing for a spirit child to share this great planet we have created. But I don't think a half animal, half spirit child would do. I would rather have a pure spirit child," he said.

"Wouldn't a pure spirit child grow to be just another God or Goddess?" she asked. "I do not want a child like just another blind animal or pure spirit child, but an independant child with both spirit as well as freewill. I desire a child who can see us all around and feel us in the creations we have made. A child who can call upon our names with just a whisper or a tear and knows full well that in a moment we will be there without a doubt. I want a child that looks into the heavens at night and remembers the sparks of our first kiss, feels the winds and knows that we are walking near; a child who sees the simple design in a feather and remembers our handiwork. This is the type of children I want on our planet my love."

The God looked upon his Goddess and smiled at her wisdom. So they came together and created mankind, a very special "spirit child" indeed.


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