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Bob - The Impatient

By Kendra
(Written for Ecclasia)



Colors: Yellow and Red
Scents: Cinnamon and Coffee
Foods: Coffee, Prunes, Chili
Element: Fire and Metal (Chinese elements)
Minerals: Mercury and Zinc
Trees: Bamboo
Flowers: Impatience, of course!
Zodiac: Aries, Leo, Taurus (and sometimes Libra & VIRGO)

This particular God was very hard to find information on. Being a priestess of Bob, I had little patience to wait for the websites to load that DID have information on him, and these were far and few between. I assume that this would also be the reason why there were few websites or books about Bob, because few computers can go fast enough for those who have information on him. Experience, rather than research, discovered the above correspondences. (Being a Libra myself, I have a tendency to swing from being extremely impatient to being extremely procrastinating.) What little information I was able to come up with, I had little patience to write down and type out, so I'll give you a brief summary of what I've found.

Those who are dedicated to Bob are usually seen as blurs running from one place or project to the next. Sometimes staying in one place long enough to finish what they started, depending on how many other people they must rely on to finish. If you catch a Bob Priest/ess still it's usually with tapping foot and plenty of heavy sighs as they are forced to wait upon someone else's slowness... heaven forbid they run across someone who is a dedicant to Scarlet (Bob's ever procrastinating wife), then you'll get a glimpse of what Mount St. Helen's must have looked like when she exploded. However, lucky for everyone, he or she are too impatient to stay mad for too long, and are quickly on their way to start and finish something else.

Bob would be the God to call upon if you're in a hurry. He's great at getting traffic jams dispersed. He HATES traffic. But beware, calling on this god can sometimes backfire and create MORE havoc, because impatience with others can cause them to fumble even more than usual, causing more delays. So it's good to know when is the right time to call upon him or his half-brother Joe, the God of Molasses (otherwise known as Slower than Molasses Joe). But if you call upon Bob wisely, he can help you get things done so you can rush off to yet another place and another project. Which is what I'm going to be doing now. Goodbye!


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