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Be Still and Listen

By Noctum Child
(Written for Ecclasia)


"Be still and listen above the sounds of humanity." This seems all but impossible sometimes in modern world of the "housing development." But if we try to listen above the sounds of children playing, motors running, planes flying overhead and weed eaters whirling about, there is a rich symphony of the Goddess playing. We only need to take the time to turn down the volume in our minds on man's ever playing "tape deck" and listen. We can hear beyond the annoying squeak of the neighbor's exhaust fan, the ear piercing squeal of the mailman's breaks, and the endless ebb and flow of traffic on the street an orchestra if we as Wiccans will only heed the Goddess' call and take the time to "Be still and listen." The Goddess gave the following message to me during a recent meditation done in my front yard:

"Be still and listen my dear children, I am not far form your den of humanity. Close your eyes, feel me, concentrate, rise above and drink me in. Come and listen to the call of my name in the wind, catch the sound of my hair in the rustling of the leaves, discover my angels voices in the songs of the birds, heed unto the voices of despair in the cry of the crow, carefully listen for soft fairy whispers in butterfly wings, feel for the soft velvet of my gown in the moist green grass, meditate on the earthy tones in my domestic "wolves" bark, listen to the buzzing of my insects as they go hard about their work. I surround you! Allow me to fill you, to pass through you, to entrance and delight you. Sit and feel the warmth and power of my lover the God shine down on you. Embrace us both and know we are one! Rise above and meet me, look up unto the trees, look down upon the earth, see my flowers and note my handiwork for I am the Goddess! Can any mortal imitate such gifts?

I leave my thumbprint on each leaf, I breathe my breath into every breeze, and my reflection can be seen vividly in the moonlight. Yes, yes my child you can surround me with humanity, build houses over me, cover my face with concrete and asphalt, but yet I will continue now and forever to be, for I am the Goddess."

Blessed Be!


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