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The Honor Candle

From Be a Goddess! by Francesca De Grandis


When you have worked hard at something, this ritual is a way to honor yourself and your work. Witches strive to respect themselves and to have healthy egos. Sometimes its hard to see the merit in what we accomplish. We affect false modesty, and don't give ourselves the nurturance of ego-feed.

Witches know that without a healthy ego, people fall back on a false ego, a false pride. With low self-esteem they often try to bolster their false ego by buying the "right" car or wearing the "right" clothes. In making these prestige purchases they try to fill a gap that can be filled only by self-respect.

Tools and Ingredients:
*A candle of any color. You might want to use an orange one; orange is a good ego color because it is proud and almost calls attention to itself, saying, "Aren't I something?"
*An incense that is very lovely and pleasant to your senses. I enjoy amber or rose.

The Rite Itself:
As you light the candle, say "The Honoring Chant":

I light this fire in praise and recognition of myself.
As it sends its heat to the heavens,
It honors my work,that which I have done
And that which I am doing,
and that which I will do.

Light the incense and say "The Honoring Chant" again.

Take a moment to contemplate this song of praise, and anything else upon which you want to reflect. While you do so, you might be able to hear the candle flame and incense smoke sing your praises!

Go about your day, washing the dishes or getting dressed for work. From time to time, should the candle catch your eye, take a quick moment to honor your work. For instance, its sufficient to tell yourself, "I did a great job!"

Burn the candle until the flame is gone. If you are going to bed or leaving home, put out the honor candle. When you are home again, relight it. You needn't repeat the chant unless you want to.

While you are doing this rite, if you have a self-praising thought, don't follow it with negative remarks like "Yeah, well, anyone could have done this" or "Well, it really wasn't that much to accomplish." Such remarks invalidate any praise we give ourselves, and thus sabotage our self-esteem.



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