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Animal Magick

By Snowowl
(Written for Ecclasia)



Are you tired of people bumping into you at the mall as though youíre not there? Or perhaps youíre looking to improve your social skills? Or do you occasionally want to hide among the crowd to avoid a certain encounter? Or maybe you feel so flighty that you just want to slow down and focus on one goal?

Animal magic, or medicine, can help. In the hustle and bustle of the mall, itís quite aggrivating to be ignored by nearly everyone who may pass by you. If this is a problem, hold your head high, walk firmly, and invoke Skunk. Yes, you read right. For all the bad press Mr. Polecat may get, he does command some respect because of the defense of his spray. No, people wonít avoid you as though you have B.O. but they will give you the same respect and learn to steer clear of you.

There are many animals whose medicine can improve social skills. Any animal that goes in a group will do this but each is different. How you want to improve may take some research. The best one to come to mind is Starling. Starlings tend to flock in very large number. When in flight they stay in tandem with only a few straying off. As well, they mimic the calls of other birds. For those wanting to move in different circles, this is important.

In terms of being unnoticed, Fox medicine is best. Fox by nature is good at camouflage.

For those who need ďgroundingĒ medicine Turtle is good for this. Turtle in many books is associated with cycles of nature due to the fact that many tribes look upon Turtle as the Earthís totem. Turtle is also associated with longevity given its life span. But because turtles are slow (especially the tortois) they have a Saturnian nature. This aspect can help one to slow down; to act rather than react.

If you feel you do need animal medicine, consider whether itís a temporary need or a permanent one. I always need Skunk medicine in the mall but that doesnít mean that I need to carry a medicine pouch with me when I shop. A simple visualisation does the trick. If you do feel you need a pouch, a relic isnít necessary (An it harm none). Fetishes work nicely.


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